Beer + Kegs

By now we are sure you realize that the craft beer world is always changing. Something that stays the same is our mission to bring you sweet sales every month! Not only do we have sales on all of your favorites, but we are constantly bringing in the newest product in the ever-growing beer world! 

Are you looking for something we do not carry on our shelf?

First, have you checked the breweries website to see if it is distributed in Maine? 

If it is or you need a little extra help investigating we would love to help you in any way we can! Call or message us on social media or stop on by to place your special order. No extra cost!


Do you have a kegerator that needs filling or are you having an event / party and don't want to worry about cans / bottles?

We are here to help! All we need to know is what beer you are interested in and what size keg you are looking for... Serving sizes for kegs are below. Call or stop on by to place your order! We also keep a variety of kegs on hand year-round.

Peep the tasting schedule below... Beer, Wine, & Spirits!

Keg Sizes